Sunday, August 20, 2023


I pretend a bit that the fate of Rudy greatly interests me for affectation, but I actually don't care about Rudy himself. He's a piece of shit that deserves some punishment, of course, but I see his comeuppance more an indictment of the journalists who spent years being his free PR agents.
Still, for the better part of a year, as Mr. Giuliani has racked up the bills battling an array of criminal investigations, private lawsuits and legal disciplinary proceedings stemming from his bid to keep Mr. Trump in office after the 2020 election, his team has repeatedly sought a lifeline from the former president, according to several people close to him. And even as the bills have pushed Mr. Giuliani close to a financial breaking point, the former president has largely demurred, the people said, despite making a vague promise during their dinner at Mar-a-Lago to pay up.
Anyone wanna guess the name of a journalist on the Rudy beat at the New York Post during key times?