Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Why Do You Keep Talking About That You Weirdo

If I did some political polling showing "73% of the American people like Star Wars movies," I still wouldn't tell my candidate to get in front of the cameras every day and talk about trivia from Rogue One.

Polls consistently show that Americans are actually quite to the left of our newspaper and magazine editors and centrist substackers and British imported weirdos on certain issues, such as the rights of trans people. But even if they didn't, even if the median voter (popularism!) didn't like trans people very much, it doesn't mean there's any political advantage to be obtained by attacking trans people.  It sounds kinda weird!

Just because voters like/don't like something doesn't mean it's politically important. In fact, politicians centering these issues come across like the fucking weirdos that they are.

Political reporters and the commentariat assume whatever bullshit Republicans are talking about MUST have resonance with Real Americans.  Yah man, I like Star Wars too, but can we talk about something else?