Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Along For The Ride

Related to this, it's quite obvious that political journalists* have an overpowering career interest in promoting the candidates that they cover

Team DeSantis wants Ron to win the primary, and then win the election, because then they get to be the celebrity journalists embedded in the presidency. Everyone wants Repbulicans to win because Republian administrations are more fun, filled with psychos who spend half their day leaking nonsense to those journalists.

There are the book contracts, too, though I am still waiting for someone to ask newspaper editors how they let their reporters hold back "scoops" for the books. One answer is that sources are more likely to agree to reveal something if it's not going to come out for 18 months, but obviously there's a bit of a problem of the journalists are more than happy with that arrangement, too.

*I try to distinguish "political journalists" from "journalists" because, you know, #notalljournalists. One change over 20 years has been how all news has been subsumed into political news. It doesn't really matter what your investigative journalist does on page A23 if Maggie Haberman doesn't talk about it on A1 (and on cable news and...). No golden era 20 years ago, of course, but the way in which everything falls under politics is different now (it was a slow evolution).