Thursday, September 14, 2023

Are We All Unpaid Dem Operatives Or Not

Biden's pretty old. In an ideal world Biden would not running for president again. In an ideal world Biden would not be president, even though he's been a lot better than the last two Dems.

That's not the same thing as saying "Biden should drop out," just that a reordering of of the universe would be preferred (much as many reorderings of the universe was be preferred).

But Biden isn't going to drop out. Even if I thought he should drop out, nothing I write in my little blog would make that happen. If I had a column in one of our premier prestige periodicals, nothing I would write there would make him drop out, either.

I could write numerous articles about how he SHOULD drop out because he's old and faltering or whatever, but what would that achieve? It would communicate to large numbers of people that I, an important person with an important outlet, think a priority right now, in year of our Gritty 2023, was to warn the country about the old man who needs to drop out. Probably something to that?

A certain set of centrist dipshits have moved on from the Lab Leak and hating trans people (briefly) to write about Biden needs to drop out. Hey, go crazy, guys, but centrist dipshits *also* love to lecture The Left about how everything twitter user CastroChavez69 tweets is going to hurt the electoral chances of Democrats.

Generally, centrist dipshists love to prove how reasonable and savvy they are by echoing right wing talking points (also because they agree with them)  and, I suspect, to the extent The Discourse matters, that's often a lot more damaging than what some lefty shitposters write in obscure journals of opinion.

It's a bit like how "defund the police" was the most damaging thing in the history of electoral politics, which is why James Carville had to go on TV and angrily express that point 417 days in a row. Who, actually, is doing the damage here?