Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Everybody Deserves Legal Representation

The reason I can't stand Neal Katyal is that he embodies that way that elite lawyers pervert a sound concept - everybody deserves quality legal representation in criminal cases, and lawyers who defend scumbag clients shouldn't be seen as endorsing those clients - to enrich both their reputations and bank accounts.

I don't think Katyal should be pelted with fruit when he goes out in public because of some his clients (well, mostly), but I also don't think we're obligated to think he is a good guy for earning hourly 4 figures for defending the richest most evil assholes on the planet.

Defending an indigent accused pedophile pro bono - which I *do* think is noble work even if said pedophile is completely guilty - is not the same as defending Global Evil Megacorp on your way to your $100 million fortune.

Generally highly paid high profile law - representing rich and famous scumbags - is largely about out of courtroom antics. You know, PR and discrediting the accusers. Taking your case to the media. Intimidating witnesses and getting away with it. Wining and dining Supreme Court justices. It isn't simply making the best case you can in front of a jury. It isn't really "law" as is understood.