Saturday, September 23, 2023

Official Disapproval

For decades The Discourse sold the notion that making abortion illegal somehow wouldn't involve actually putting anyone in prison. Certainly not the mothers, and probably not the doctors. Maybe bad guys doing unsanitary abortions which we were also assured wouldn't happen.

It never made any sense, but "nothing actually has consequences unless it has consequences for me" is a standard centrist dipshit thing. A cult of solipsists.
On Friday, a Nebraska judge sentenced Jessica Burgess to two years in prison after she bought abortion pills for her teen daughter and helped bury the fetal remains in early 2022, according to reporters from Norfolk Daily News and Courthouse News. The sentencing went forward without a court-ordered psychological evaluation that the judge canceled for lack of funding last week. Burgess had faced up to five years in prison after she accepted a plea deal. With good behavior, she could be released in a year.