Monday, September 25, 2023


I've seen (and made) the same basic criticisms of journalism-as-practiced, with some variations to fit the times and details of the moment, for over two decades now, and that is almost always the response from journalists. 

You know - the basic stuff about how objectivity is a conceit, that choices of what and how to cover things are choices which reflect inevitable biases, that such biases are heavily shaped by the socioeconomic background of the journalist themselves, that pretending not to have opinions is not the same as not having them, that their concept of the political center is not supported by the very polls they rely on to justify other things.

That the response in the title is to statements like, "perhaps it's important to have more people of color on staff," betrays a lot, too.

Then conservatives scream LEFT-WING BIAS and the same journalists rush to apologize and promise to do better by threatening the lives of more trans people.  

*I* am bored and tired of it, increasingly resorting to just pointing and saying, "this is more shit, obviously." I don't believe most of them are that stupid, which makes them dishonest, which makes them not worth engaging with at all.