Sunday, September 24, 2023

Other People Are Doing It Wrong

The early blogosphere days were dominated by a lot of glibertarians, and at the time I realized suburban Dad law professor glibertarian philosophy was, basically, "everyone should be free to be just like me, and people just like me (but not otherwise) should be completely free." Bunch of boring old dudes who thought they were big rebels because they liked bourbon.

As I've aged and seen my peers evolve in various ways, I've realized a pretty good signal for whether people are fundamentally conservative (independent of how they vote or whether they have some good policy views) is how much they get annoyed by other people simply being different.

I don't think "people all get more conservative as they get older" is true, but people who, at age 30, had early signs of being old fogies tend to become moreso.

They tend to blame people for their failures and greatly resent the successes of anybody not like them.