Thursday, September 21, 2023

Republicans Can't Govern

Not entirely sure why the press corps has suddenly realized that Republicans in Congress are the problem (they will say It Is Different Now but not really so much), but baby steps.
What’s going on is that, in addition to threatening to block rule votes to sabotage legislation deemed insufficiently conservative, these few hard-right Republicans are also issuing threats to use even more obscure procedural motions to toss McCarthy out of his job.

The most rational option for the speaker would normally be to negotiate with Democrats, who want to keep the government open and are ideologically disposed to like having a functioning Congress.
McCarthy could cut all kinds of deals with Democrats - including ones to keep him in power - but he likely won't.

Not an expert on this stuff, but others have suggested that if Democrats know how to count votes on the floor they could likely chuck McCarthy out themselves. They should!

For laughs at least.