Monday, October 30, 2023

8 Can't Wait

Remember that? Sprang up in 2020, a project of "Campaign Zero," explicitly and obviously designed to be the "respectable" insider police reform organization. Bought off some people to get them to shut up and got all the centrist dipshits to praise them as Sensible.

Anyway, never trust groups like this, no matter what the issue is. The pitch is that by having insider buy-in, being inside the tent, they can be much more effective than outside agitators. If your campaign manages to get a big media splash and praise from Matthew Yglesias, you're almost certainly there solely to marginalize people who actually want things to change.

In some ways the Professional Democrats (and Biden) handled the events of 2020 well, but they were also working hard to shove it back into the bottle as fast as possible.

 "The Latest" from Campaign Zero is this May 2022 blog post from "Donna Brazile," which is just a link to another publication (very Eschaton-y, but still).

This post isn't really about 8 Can't Wait.