Monday, October 09, 2023

Does SBF Really Seem Like A Guy Who Just Wants To Do Good

I suppose it has been a running theme of mine back to the Iraq war: basically, do these people seem like good guys? Do the people telling you they are good guys, themselves, seem like good guys?

Obviously,  Dick Cheney and The National Review weren't interested in "spreading freedom," at least in the way that normal people would understand that concept, but did you really think the circus of The (old) New Republic "centrist" ghouls were interested in the lives of brown mostly Muslim people thousands of miles away?  10 years of articles about how to save American poor people by making their lives harder and about black community "pathologies" and suddenly they're humanitarian anti-racists?

Oldheads remember that Iraq war opponents were called racists because they didn't believe Iraqis loved freedom! You shouldn't listen to lectures about racism from genocidal racists!

Should we really be taking lessons on morality and generosity from David fucking Brooks?

Is there anything about SBF that makes you think he's a saint? Is there anything about most of the fans of SBF that suggests they were good judges of who is or isn't a saint?  Oh, Sam, he just wants to get rich so he can do good?  Back then he was doing good by [checks notes] supporting crypto politicians and throwing money at journalists to do his PR for him.

A big part of the appeal of EA - and then SBF - was they were "doing good" the right way, unlike all the stupid hippies. Earning to Give AND to Own The Libs.  Another big part of the appeal was all the fucking money.

I feel a little bad picking on Dylan because unlike some of the cynical ghouls I think he actually meant it. The man donated a kidney!

But, you know, Sam didn't donate a kidney (I don't know if he advocated it, either, but it was a big part of EA). The cult leaders don't actually live by the rules they set out for the cultists!