Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Hot Pursuit

Cops use every rule imposed on them to justify not doing anything. You, dear reader, are much smarter than the WaPo editorial (or much smarter than they are pretending to be). I'm sure you realize how stupid this is.
Opinion As carjackings spike, police need to be able to chase vehicles again

Ms. Traub handed over her belongings. The gunman ran to her car and sped away. She called 911, and D.C. police arrived swiftly. Ms. Traub had an Apple device in her 2008 Honda SUV that enabled her to track it. She sat on her front stoop with her laptop and three D.C. police officers looking over her shoulder as she watched the carjacker’s location around the city. “Aren’t you going to go get him?” Ms. Traub asked. “We can’t pursue," she recalls an officer saying.


The police have not yet caught Ms. Traub’s carjacker, as is often the case. She blames D.C.’s “no chase” policy for police. The District had effectively banned police chases earlier this year, as part of a national trend in recent years to prevent often fatal pursuit-related crashes. But D.C’s ban went too far. As violent crime in the city surged, the D.C. Council passed emergency legislation this summer to adopt a slightly more permissive standard for police pursuits. The new policy, which was in place the night Ms. Traub was carjacked, permits police to chase when there is an “imminent threat” to others, there is a low likelihood of anyone else getting hurt and police can apprehend quickly. Yet if this policy rules out pursuing the perpetrator in Ms. Traub’s case (either by car or by helicopter), it and those like it in other cities are still too restrictive.
The policy of course does not say the police cannot go to where the tracking device says your car is. It says (effectively) they shouldn't be flying though the streets at 120mph with the sirens blaring just to get a stolen car. Do not pursue does not mean do not pursue a lead in a criminal case.

They didn't need to chase her vehicle, they just needed to go to it. But they don't want to work and they want to blame civilian oversight for not wanting to do anything.

Copaganda is so easy when the clever people who run the discourse are fucking idiots.