Friday, October 27, 2023

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?'

That was traitor Kerry's line, but it is much more broadly applicable to a class of people who would happily let millions die rather than admit error.  Cause millions to die rather than admit error, or even admit that those deaths are an error

How many schools did we paint cities did we level in Iraq for just the reason? My old line was we'll keep killing people in Iraq until they want us to stay - until they like us - and then we'll go.

An important thing to note that these are their jobs, not mine, and I don't claim to be a supergenius. I am also not spending hundreds of billions moving the Risk pieces around the map and operating a global panopticon.

I'm not faulting our involvement in Ukraine - though there, too, details matter, and the pressure to get on board makes people ignore those - but it's important to remember that it was the culmination of 30-year post-Soviet policy that was supposed to ensure things like that did not happen. They fucked that one into the sun, also, too.  Though what people say policies are for and what they are for are not always the same.

Vlad's a bastard, he did it, but Vlad didn't emerge suddenly on February 24, 2022.