Friday, October 13, 2023

Power And Decency

I'm sure it didn't originate there, but a neat trick in the post-9/11 era was all of biggest ghouls in America convincing themselves that they were the brave humanitarians, and opponents to war were The Real Racists Who Love Fascist Tyranny. Similarly, that the slogans and signs of random protesters were of greater importance than the leading politicians of the most powerful nations in the world.

On one hand we have a guy with a sign with a rude slogan, on the other hand we have Lindsey Graham saying "we" are in a "religious war."  I know Lindsey is wrong, but the guy with the intemperate sign left me no choice but to embrace him.  This is on you, guy with a sign.

Inverting the realities of power is a trick of fascists, embraced by dipshit centrists. And what do we conclude from that?  

Similarly, the biggest threats to Freeze Peach are college students complaining about the cafeteria banh mi and people calling me, a person with a million followers and a column in a major newspaper, a shithead on twitter, and not, you know, people with actual power (state or otherwise) to control the microphones and dole out consequences for deviations.

I joke that I hate everybody these days, and while that's not quite true, the degree to which The Discourse is populated by indecent people who imagine they are decent, who think we should like them, repulses me.

I'll give Dick Cheney this much (no you don't have to hand it to him): he didn't expect us to like him.