Sunday, October 22, 2023

Seems Like A Lot Of Work

I do have new appreciation for people who do things like make films (I have not seen) when they are 80 years old. Or 65, for that matter.

James Cameron (now 69) is plotting 3 more Avatar movies which will keep him a little bit busy until 2031.

I didn't love Avatar 2 (enjoyed the experience, wouldn't watch it again, not excited to see the sequels), but those films clearly are an immense amount of work. For me it functioned largely as a reminder of what absolute dogshit most effects-heavy films are, just very little attention detail. With not even that much more money - and some talent - you can make them look amazing.

Anyway, my general point is that these people are driven by something I can't even imagine. If you've ever been near a set, you've seen that making a film is boring. Just an immense amount of downtime for everyone involved, waiting for stuff happen. I'd find it excruciating. And that's just the set!