Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Same Assholes

In my 20s I would roll my eyes at the geezers (people my age now) who wouldn't shut the fuck up about the Vietnam War, and  who would just relate everything back to what seemed like various grudges and arguments from back then. That's ancient history, man, I thought.

Of course it wasn't, then, that long ago, as the Iraq war wasn't, now, that long ago.

The details changed, but the dynamic is much the same. The hawks got everything they wanted, it all blew up tremendously, they blamed the peaceniks and the women and McGovern and "the gays" and "the blacks" for everything going wrong with the fortunes of their little political projects, and 20-30 years later the same group of horrible people still controlled most of the microphones .

Those assholes, who were young in 1968, were hiring a new generation of assholes, who were young in 2002. And now those assholes (and me) are still around! And they still control most of the microphones! Not all, though.

At least it's a bit easier to dig up and share their sociopathic nonsense from 2003. For The Kids. To amuse them, at least.