Monday, October 02, 2023

The SBF PR Continues

This 60 minutes Michael Lewis/SBF piece is just embrassing from start to finish.

How did we get here? People like Michael fucking Lewis. Basically starts with:
[A]ll I knew was I was supposed to evaluate his character. And that 18 months earlier, he had nothing, now he had $22.5 billion dollars and was the richest person in the world under 30.

He didn't care much about like, spending it all on yachts, he was gonna spend it to save humanity from extinction kind of thing. So the whole walk was, like, my jaw was on the floor about here, after I heard all that.
Dear readers, do we think SBF ever had "nothing"?

Do we think SBF didn't live a life of luxury?

Dear readers, do we expect Michael Lewis is going to be able to evaluate his character?

Do we think, knowing what we know about all this, Lewis is changing the story he had already written? And then:
The dollar coming in is being used to pay the dollar going out. And in this case, they actually had-- a great real business. If no one had ever cast aspersions on the business, if there hadn't been a run on customer deposits, they'd still be sitting there making tons of money.
I'll let Dan explain: Just amazing:
There is still a Sam-Bankman-Fried-shaped hole in the world that now needs filling. Like that character would be very useful to have--
Just the easiest marks in the world.