Monday, October 16, 2023

Why Are All My Friends So Horrible

The way the Speaker election is supposed to work is that the Republican conference votes on the nominee, with the understanding that in the full House vote they all get behind the winner and put them over the line for Speaker. Things don't HAVE to work that way, of course, but this is a genuine Republicans In Disarray Moment due to the fact that they're all assholes.
One senior Republican House member who is part of the opposition to Jordan told CNN that there he believes there are roughly 40 “no” votes, and that he has personally spoken to 20 members who are willing to go to the floor and block Jordan’s path if the Ohio Republican forces a roll-call vote on Tuesday.

“The approximately 20 I’ve talked to know we must be prepared,” the member said. “We cannot let the small group dictate to the whole group. They want a minority of the majority to dictate and as a red-blooded American I refuse to be a victim.”
The majority of the majority voted for Scalise, and then enough members said they wouldn't back him for the full House vote so he dropped out. Then Gym got the *majority of the majority* vote and a bunch of members won't back him, either.
Why have the Democrats done this?