Monday, November 20, 2023

But The Bad Orange Man Might Come Back

It is valid to see that as a catastrophic possibility, but one year out from an election I don't think people expressing discontent - even to pollsters! - about the Biden administration are collaborating with MAGA to make that happen. 

One consequence of social media has been the establishment of the bizarre belief that everyone is an unpaid spokesperson for a political campaign.

Campaigns have a lot of money. If there is some dastardly Tiktoker causing problems maybe they should be put on the payroll.

And as has been the case for a long time now, yelling at people on the internet, however fun it might be, is generally not productive voter outreach.

Can disapprove of what's happening AND not want the bad orange man to return.

Can recognize that what's happening is both wrong and electorally unwise in a way that can't be fixed by yelling at imaginary young people.

Approval polls aren't even voting intention polls, but guys like Republican Tom Nichols sure are MAD at young people and NOT because he's a stupid shithead.

The focus on young voters is always hilarious, given the way old people vote.  Young people - the cause of, and solution to, all of our problems!

Also, since they don't vote, they don't matter and should shut the fuck up!  

This is always how the "young voter" conversation goes. 

I'd tell a pollster I disapproved, too. You can ask me in ten months or so how I'll be voting