Thursday, November 16, 2023

Do You Want Them To Vote For You?

There was a protest at the DNC last night. The protesters did block the entrances, but despite claims by Congressman Brad Sherman, they did not go in.

Also the cops pepper sprayed protesters, experienced pepper spray blowback as always happens, and claimed the protesters pepper sprayed them. Good enough for CNN! 

Block some doorways and you're probably going to get arrested, but that's not the same as trying to invade the place or attacking the cops.

But leaving aside the details of the protest, this was Sherman's tweet about the protesters.
I have been thinking about this for hours.  What brain convolutions led to this?  What is the point?  Are the supposed pro-Hamas demonstrators supposed to vote for Democrats? I don't understand anything.

Anyway going to war with your likely voters, calling them violent terrorist supporters, is likely not great politicking but what do I know.

Perhaps it's popularism!

It is! This is popularism!