Thursday, November 02, 2023

Effective Voter Outreach

This type of thing annoys people because, for some reason, it's the one area where just making the point that a certain approach to politics is perhaps not especially helpful is seen as justifying VOTING FOR TRUMP or something.

There's an understanding that politics is about getting people to vote for you - all those big campaign budgets, remember - except for certain subgroups who are supposed to be sophisticated Advanced Politics Knowers and know that it's on them to save America from the Bad Orange Man.

Or, even more gross, it's on them to save themselves from the Bad Orange Man.

Some types of "swing" or occasional voters must be catered to, and some just have to eat shit and ask for more.

We have the Bad Orange Man in large part because of people like Chait, and he really enjoyed the show. Is Jon Chait responsible? No it's the Muslims who are to blame.