Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Smol Bean

NYT has an entire article about how Israel won't respond to Biden saying "pretty please" and there's nothing else he can do, even as it explains how more weapons and support are forthcoming.
And so while American weaponry and intelligence are central to both wars, Mr. Biden is living with the reality that the military decisions must be made in Israel and Ukraine, not the United States. That often leaves Washington in an odd position, able to suggest techniques for collapsing the huge tunnel networks in Gaza or poking through Russian defensive lines, but distancing itself from the decisions and their aftermath.

“We’re not sitting down next to them as they develop the target lists,” John F. Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told reporters on Monday, when pressed on whether the United States, as the provider of many of Israel’s weapons, takes responsibility for the civilian casualties. “This is their fight.”
Just amazing stuff.

Not even clear he's saying "pretty please."

Forget everything else about the situation. It's acknowledged, when not inconvenient, that Netanyahu is a corrupt madman crook who can't be trusted for anything, and then no one in power considers the implications of that or the wisdom of handing him more money and power.

Have some self-respect, man! 

Close enough.