Monday, November 06, 2023

So Much Bullshit

I'm concerned with the loss of lives much more than "US credibility" or whatever. I suspect these are stories we tell ourselves to feel good more than stories the rest of the world believes, and that was true before current events. Still it is a level of bullshit no one can pretend to believe now.
The memo concedes that Israel has a “legitimate right and obligation” to seek justice against the Palestinian militants of Hamas, who killed some 1,400 Israelis in a shocking Oct. 7 attack. But it argues that “the extent of human lives lost thus far is unacceptable” — referring to the thousands of Palestinians, most of them civilians and many children, killed by Israel in the days since.

The U.S. “tolerance” for such a high civilian death toll “engenders doubt in the rules-based international order that we have long championed,” the document states. It argues that the United States must hold both Israel and Hamas responsible for their actions.
At least I don't feel much obligation to pretend to believe in this magical "rules-based international order" anymore!