Monday, November 06, 2023

The Two State Solution

For various reasons - including that it tends to attract antisemites, and certainly people who are a bit too careless with the language they use (sometimes inadvertently, sometimes not) - I've long stayed away from the I/P issue. One of those reasons is that the entire discussion in America is premised on a fiction, that a two-state solution is possible.

Even the people you think of as "good guys" repeat this mantra, that they support working towards the two-state solution, knowing fully well that it is a lie.

There isn't much to say about a topic when everybody involved is just lying about it, except that: that everybody is lying.

I don't mean they are mistaken. I mean they are lying with full knowledge that they are lying every time they address the subject.

And nothing enrages Official DC more than telling people that their accepted lies are, in fact, lies.

I don't have answers, but the people who have appointed themselves to deal with these things for 30 years made decisions which led to this and, as always, will do nothing but cover their asses and blame people who have the least power in any spheres.