Monday, November 20, 2023

What's Going On Here

I haven't had a lot to say about Ukraine, as there was an obvious bad guy, and we weren't getting TOO involved, so I didn't think there was much to complain about.

BUT there was some of the usual shutting down of discussion about just what we intend to do—probably more of this in the UK/Europe than the US—and some rumors that Boris Johnson, specifically, loudly shot down any talk of an early negotiated settlement.

All of this is way above my pay grade, but, obviously, eventually peace is declared, and an agreement is made. The question is on what terms and what would lead there. Were all the events that happened in the meantime worthwhile and done with the right motives?

I have no answers, but even—or perhaps especially—a Good War provides an opportunity for assholes to make mischief. A very belligerent Boris Johnson was not an encouraging sign.

Anyone who raises this gets yelled at by people saying they're willing to sacrifice Ukraine to Putin, or whatever. And, no, the point is that for a long time it's been likely that at some moment the US and Europe would lose interest and would be sacrificing some of Ukraine. There likely will be a peace deal that doesn't include Putin's severed head on a plate. Eventually.