Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sure Why Not

Stop me before I crime again.
Steve Kramer, a veteran political consultant working for a rival candidate, acknowledged Sunday that he commissioned the robocall impersonating President Joe Biden with artificial intelligence, confirming an NBC News report that he was behind the call.


Kramer said more enforcement is necessary to stop people like him from doing what he did.
No idea precisely what existing laws would apply, but that's an invitation to find them!
Authorities in New Hampshire are investigating the robocall for potentially violating state laws against voter suppression. A multi-state task force of state attorneys generals focused on robocalls is looking to crack down on the people involved in the Biden robocall in order to set an early example as the technology becomes more widespread. And the Federal Commissions Commission sped up plans to criminalize AI robocalls in response to the Biden robocall.