Sunday, June 30, 2024

If You Criticize Biden The Bad Orange Man Wins

I dunno, man, "maybe Biden shouldn't support an ethnic cleansing, hope he shifts gears on this soon" seems a lot less damaging than, "our candidate, who we supported, and who happens to be president, has a nonfunctioning brain and is utterly unelectable."

Centrist dipshists are funny.

Bedwetting brigade! Amazing stuff.

If you do think Biden isn't up to the job, then this is the realistic way forward, but I have not seen a centrist dipshit (Klion is not one) support this: A couple of questions directed at (most) people publicly encouraging Biden to drop out:

Is he not fit to be president, or just not fit to be a good candidate (similarly: is he just bad at performing, or is his brain mush)

If he is not fit to be president, some of you (and certainly some of your sources and acquaintances) have known this for awhile. It was not revealed by the debate performance.

If he is not fit to be president, should he resign tomorrow? If not, why not?

If he does drop out, how do you imagine a replacement candidate is chosen? Do you think there are any risks involved here?

Why are you incapable of uttering the name "Kamala Harris"?

I suspect people are being largely incoherent because they don't want to say what they really think/know/"know" about some things.