Tuesday, July 09, 2024


It isn't going to listen to your criticism. I've been running this very fine blog for 22 years now, and it is institutionally incapable of or unwilling to listen fairly to any criticism of its behavior emanating from anyone to the left of Joe Manchin.
It isn't going to "do better" or "learn its lessons." It (publisher, editors, reporters) knows exactly what it's doing!

I criticize the New York Times to make other people aware of its problems and to convince them that they shouldn't take it as gospel, as many dem-leaning people do daily.

One can't deny its influence, but the people who empower it are the ones who buy subscriptions and the people in power who validate it. I'm not trying to "work the refs" even in a good faith way. I'm interested in pointing out that these "refs" are not the refs! We should not empower these institutions - MSNBC, NPR, NYT - in this way!

People have long recoiled from this idea, as they want such institutions to exist. They want the Celestial Hall Monitors to award Truth Points to the deserving, to decide who has been naughty and who has been nice that day. They worry criticizing them undermines this valuable service.  This is similar to wanting there to be a good Supreme Court, and thinking it is better to ignore its flaws than undermine its authority.

But that isn't their role! Don't let them act like it is!