Monday, October 03, 2022


I spent 4 years rolling my eyes at people claiming everything Trump did was a distraction from the thing Trump did 5 seconds ago, but reasonably sure "Trump sues CNN" is, well, a distraction, or at least a PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ABOUT ME NOT THAT ABOUT ME thing.

Happy Hour

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What If He Gives A Finger To The Ref

This piece is about Musk and the likelihood that he'll blow up (metaphorically) the Delaware Court of Chancery if he receives an unfavorable ruling. But, really, it's about the danger of people deciding the rules don't apply to them, and how it would frigthen the titans of the economy if their little corner of the justice system worked the way they seem to want the rest of the economy/country to work.
“The problem with specific performance, especially with Elon Musk, is that it’s unclear whether the order of the court would be obeyed,” retired Delaware Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Berger told CNBC in July. “And the courts in Delaware — courts all over — are very concerned about issuing a decision or issuing an order that then is ignored, flouted.”

It Is A New Problem No One Else Has Dealt With

There's no explanation for McKinsey other than (and this is a joke, my lawyers have ordered me to clarify) they pay tremendous kickbacks to any public agency officials who hire them.
The city has hired the controversial consulting firm McKinsey & Company to study its waste containerization needs and design a citywide pilot program, Streetsblog has learned.

Oh No My Pillow

People need hobbies, but don't think Lindell chose his well.
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s bid to fend off a defamation lawsuit the voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems filed over his far-fetched claims about the 2020 presidential election.


Monday reader's choice.

He's Gandalf And Magneto And Mother Goose

The most important role of his life.
Ian McKellen, two-time Oscar nominee, Tony award-winner and recipient of a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II, is set to appear in a pantomime production of “Mother Goose” this winter.


McKellen will play the title role of Mother Goose (also known as “Ma”) while Bishop will play Mother Goose’s husband Vic (“Pa”). As the show opens, the avian couple are running an animal sanctuary inside an abandoned department store.
The US fake freakout about drag performers for children is especially "funny" (except for the not funny parts) as the traditional Christmas children's theater show in Britain is a drag show.

Old Farts

Thought Eric Idle said this well and as diplomatically as possible.
What does he think when he hears Cleese claiming that comedians are no longer free to make jokes without fear of being cancelled? “He’s who he is now. The thing I try to remember is the good times when we were young and funny. And we are no longer those people or speaking to today’s generation. We’re old farts. We should be left to go quietly to bed and watch the telly.” He giggles.
Pythons managed to remain "cool" for quite a long time, and a couple poorly landed jokes and some feedback from the masses turned Cleese into an "anti-woke warrior" like every other ageing grump.

A bit unrealistic to be in your 80s and imagine The Kids Today will still find your act funny, let alone cool.

America's Greatest Governor

I'm sure there's nothing shady about the gov's wife running a "private" official state charity.

How Ron DeSantis Won The Hurricane.



Sunday, October 02, 2022

Sunday Night

Gordon from Wallsend.

Afternoon Thread

Is Dark Brandon sabotaging the hurricane response of America's Great Governor?

Hating Charles

My point here is not about whether Charles deserves it, whether Charles the actual human is or isn't as detestable overall as portrayed in the TV show because I have no idea, just simply that the people involved in the show seem to absolutely hate him, or at least think portraying him that way is good TV.

All the rest (except the so far not very present Andrew) are given a degree of sympathetic portrayal which likely exceeds what they deserve, even if those portrayals are hardly always especially nice. Philip is not presented especially well, but a lot of time is spent giving him a sympathetic background story, and certainly some of the rougher edges that we know about have been smoothed.

Mitch McConnell Is A Rich And Powerful Man Who Can Take Care Of Himself

And, in fact, has absolutely chosen not to use any of that power.
When you are dealing with someone for whom there is no bottom, it’s not exactly surprising to see him hit a new low. Nonetheless, Donald Trump’s latest social media broadside against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) stands out for its odious recklessness.
No it is not a new low for Donald Trump, not even close. Attacking the vulnerable is always more despicable than attacking the powerful, especially the ones, like Mitch, who continue to make the choices he has.

Trump's said and (more importantly) done a lot of racist things... but being racist about Elaine Chao, that crosses the line!

17 Geppettos

Has Glenn Kessler asked the doctor for comment, not heard back, and given this story THIRTY JIMINIES yet?
TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A 14-year-old Tucson girl was denied a refill of a life-saving prescription drug she had been taking for years just two days after Arizona’s new abortion law had taken effect.
"We" always said abortion was health care, and all the centrist dudes scoffed and said, "oh you mean the slutty slut slut slut going down to the abortionplex for the 4th time that month because she can't keep her legs closed is 'health care?' That is FALSE and BAD MESSAGING and I am pro-choice and take no pleasure reporting this."

This type of thing was inevitable because there is no way for it not to be. You can't separate a woman (or child) from her reproductive organs.


Sunday funday.

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Saturday Night

Rock on.

They Didn't Cover This In The Crown

First she killed the Queen, now she's bossing the King around. Is on record as hating the monarchy, when she was young.
King Charles III is reportedly abandoning plans to attend and deliver a speech at the Cop27 climate change summit on the advice of Liz Truss.
My takeaway from The Crown - a piece of fiction, I know - is that the show creators/writers/advisers have been mildly sympathetic to all of the important Royals (Andrew isn't in it much), but they fucking hate Charles.

Afternoon Thread

Dark Brandon needs to unleash some more chaos.

The Twitter Bots

Because I can't help myself, I woke up and searched twitter for news about Elon's exciting robot unveiling and saw about 12,000 tweets calling it the most amazing thing they'd ever seen.

Lol. (this one is sarcastic)
Much like, "the best use for self-driving car technology is a robotaxi," thinking "the best use of advanced [haha] robotics technology is making a humanoid robot," is just 13-year-old nerd from 1985 shit. You'd use the neato but expensive technology to make task-specific, even if somewhat flexible, machines, not Rosey the Robot.

Today Is The Day Ron DeSantis Became President

They'll never stop.
After two years of seeming to govern to please the Republican Party’s Trump base, Florida’s Ron DeSantis will have the chance to sound and act like a normal governor as he leads the state’s response to Hurricane Ian — and just in time for the November election.

...and ...and ...and


Slacker Saturday.