Thursday, May 26, 2022

The World's Worst Deliberative Body

The United States Senate.

Lunch Thread

Free for the cops, if you know what's good for you.

Don't See How Donnie Two Scoops Wriggles Out Of This One

Defund The Centrist Pundits

[deleted included tweet bc author deleted it]

The centrist political class has had, now, years to come up with something, and another "holy shit what the fuck" event by the cops was of course inevitable.

Yelling at activists for not considering themselves to be unpaid spokespeople for the Democratic party was never a very  wise plan, especially as it comes from the most repugnant, offensive, highly paid, and offputting people in The Discourse. Take your own advice and please just shut the fuck up.

The Really Thin Blue Line

This was a bit too prescient.

The initial story was that he was decked out like some sort of Super Robocop wearing Mithral Mail or some shit, and 3 cops threw everything they had at him but he got into the school anyway.

Now we find out that there wasn't any "body armor," the 3 cops didn't do shit except say, "pretty please, don't go in," they called their dozen or so buddies to come, who proceed to do absolutely nothing except prevent parents from doing anything (tasers included).

They left the shooter in a classroom so a couple of them could run into to rescue their own kids, and then ran out. They didn't do anything else until the Border Patrol, who they called, showed up, though I have no fucking idea what the BP has to do with this. The cops even got another kid killed because they ran in and said, we're cops who needs help!, and some kid shouted and the shooter shot him.

This might be even more horrifying than it sounds at first.

I don't expect Paul Blart to be a hero, but we've spent immense amount of money paying cops to harass minority kids in schools and rape teenage girls, and otherwise do nothing because they're bored out of their minds, and this is the result.

Probably be a White House ceremony honoring their heroism by the end of the week.

Criticizing these heroes will be the new "defund the police," damn [checks notes] grieving parents ruining things for Pelosi in the fall!

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

210K new lucky duckies. Still ok.

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 Oh boy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Sounds Bad

Though not as bad as that time someone asked Sarah Sanders to leave a restaurant.
Shortly after hundreds of rioters at the Capitol started chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” on Jan. 6, 2021, the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, left the dining room off the Oval Office, walked into his own office and told colleagues that President Donald J. Trump was complaining that the vice president was being whisked to safety.

Mr. Meadows, according to an account provided to the House committee investigating Jan. 6, then told the colleagues that Mr. Trump had said something to the effect of, maybe Mr. Pence should be hung.

Defund The Police

I'll keep saying it. They lie and refuse to do their jobs.
The San Francisco Police Department refused to participate in an operation to arrest a man who ran a global fencing ring out of a Quickly Boba Tea Cafe earlier this month, according to District Attorney Chesa Boudin.
Nonstop series of articles by journalists who keep pretending not to know what's going on, because they know what is expected of them.

People who pretend not to know things are just liars.

Trumpkin Redemption Arc

I honesty can't remember the degree of optimism or pessimism I felt on Jan.7 about whether This Time Would Be Different when it came to integrating these monsters back into high society.

Pessimism was the correct call, of course.


Probably should be happy hour! 

Looks Like We'll Have The Wanker Cuellar To Kick Around A Bit Longer


One thing for the leadership to not oppose the guy (I expect this, get it), quite another for them to go all out to campaign for him, which is not something that happens for everybody!  And quite another to do so without... any demands for discipline from the leadership that supposedly prides itself on that!

Judge people by their actions.

What Are You Going To Do About It

It isn't even the thing at hand, but the fact that we are aware that you have chosen to embrace powerlessness.
Anyway, 19 little kids are dead, and I don’t expect anything meaningful will be done to prevent the next 19 little kids from getting killed. I know most of the complex logistical, legal, cultural, and political reasons why our system is incapable of preventing this. I leave those explanations to other authors. I ask instead what anyone with power in this country—a group that has intentionally excluded young people from its ranks—plans to do about those reasons. And I invite the reader to think about the implications of the fact that those people with power cannot answer my question with anything remotely credible. What are you going to do about the fact that we all know you can’t do anything?
"Try to get 10 Republicans to support us" is not an answer.

There is a ratchet problem in that the best possible outcome of our system (best, most optimistic, not going to happen), is that under Democratic control no actual liberal legislation gets passed except occasional sweeteners in the budget, and under Republican control, centrist Democrats join with Republicans to make their legislation slightly less horrible.

This isn't an argument that it doesn't matter who wins. Even a a cautious, inept, fearful and lazy Dem executive is better  and geriatric Dem control of Congress is better than the existing alternative. If harm reduction is the best we can do, that is still something.

But I'm an old Advanced Politics Knower and while you can yell at "The Kids" all you want, "what you going to do about it?" needs to be a question you can answer, and if you can't, don't be surprised when people conclude what you are telling them to conclude. 

Cops Lie

I increasingly try to follow a policy of not saying anything about unfolding and just-happened major events, in part (but not just) because misinformation doesn't just come from understandable confusion, but from deliberative deception by authorities. No need to contribute to that.

Morning Thread

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Oh, Elon

I'm entertained at least.

What's It All About Then

In The Discourse, these are the moderates, the good guys, and The Left are the wreckers.

The Wanker Cuellar

This fine blog has been supportive of efforts to get rid of Cuellar for a loooong time. Primary runoff day in Texas! Hopefully his opponent, Cisneros, triumphs.

Rummaging through my archives I was reminded that he endorsed George W. Bush in 2000.