Saturday, December 04, 2021

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I don't have kids so I don't have insight anyone should listen to, but I sometimes wonder about parenting/growing up in the Trump era. Whether in a Trump-loving household, or a Trump-hating one, kids grew up (for 4 years) seeing The President Of The United States as Donald fucking Trump.

Young millennials and the oldest Zoomers grew up seeing George Fucking Bush as the president. I know Bush was packaged on teevee as Commander Bunnypants, the great savior of Western civilization, Giver of Turkee to the world, but he was almost as absurd as Trump was.

That's separate from their policies or governance. Just, look at those fucking goofuses! The presidents!

Lock Him Up

A weird thing has been the number of Cuomo defenders out there, their perspective seeming to be, "no fair if your guy (Trump) goes free if our guy (Cuomo) gets in trouble."

And, I dunno, he ain't my guy and I don't know who 'our' is and how we all got teamed up this wayy

Federal prosecutors have broadened their scrutiny of former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to include a civil rights investigation after the New York attorney general’s office concluded that he had sexually harassed female employees and fostered a toxic work culture.
Not that Trump should go free, of course.

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But What Are You Going To Do About It

Forget who it was (it might have been an anonyous telling), but someone in the Obama administration described how when Mitch decided he wouldn't give a hearing to anyone to replace Scalia, reporters basically treated it as a shrewd and funny move, and their only angle was, "what are you going to do about it?"

I'm not even entirely unsympathetic to the perspective of the reporters. Like anything else they should put such a development in context, making clear how this was or wasn't "normal" and not just doing a "one side says, the other side says." This of course did not always happen! That's a big failure of journalism, if we define journalism as "telling readers important things they need to know to understand what's going on" and not "performing a bizarre ritual which pretends to do that but doesn't."

But still, well, what are you going to do about it?

Oxford School Shooting

We can look forward to having lots of conversations about holding parents criminally responsible for the actions of their children, and the problems of trying minors as adults. All good conversations, except "we" only have them when certain types of people get involved in the criminal justice system.

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Friday, December 03, 2021

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Time Keeps On Ticking Into The Future

I saw a college teacher on twitter observing with some distress that the students hadn't even heard of Abu Ghraib. And, yes, I wouldn't mind The Kids Today being aware of such things, but in about 5 years, college sophomores are barely going to be aware of 9/11.

I was a college sophmore in 1991 and I don't think I knew all that much about anything that happened in 1974...

2004 was a long time ago, already, is my point.

Friday Long Read

On the Boeing 737 Max.

GOP Daddies

An old observation, but the political press does love their supposed GOP tough guys, though usually they're just fake macho bullies and not even reasonably genuine tough guys. You know, Chris Christie types. Guys who just yell at people and "get things done" even though they don't get anything done. Corrupt belligerent assholes, every time.

This thought inspired by remembering that there hasn't been much news about the ultimate GOP Daddy, Rudy 911, lately.

Friday Lunch

Another exciting week almost over.

Tell Me How To Do This

And if not that, then something else, and if not that, then another thing.

There is tons of unused executive authority, and one can get creative until someone (a corrupt judge) tells you to stop.

I'm not referring to anything specific here, but in general it's a way to possibly achieve things as well as a way to make clear that you aren't going down without a fight.

But for some specifics.

Glibertarian Josh Barro And Neoconservative Bill Kristol Agree

Nationalize our health care system! True for covid tests, true for all health care.


+210k. Normal fine not recovery fine.

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Jerbs day!!!

Thursday, December 02, 2021

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Can We Occasionally Err On The Side Of Doing Too Much And Not Declare Mission Accomplished Too Early

I don't know if Omicron will blow up or fizzle, but that a new vaccine resistant variant could come along was understood. I haven't followed closely enough to know exactly why "we" don't have cheap and plentiful tests, but the new Biden plan to have you send the bill for them to your insurance company, if you have insurance, is not very helpful and they really shouldn't be overselling it.

Best not to take credit for peoples' health insurance, because, uh, that's usually not a pleasant customer service experience.

Pennsylvania's Worst Senate Candidates

Dr. Oz