Sunday, February 14, 2016

Afternoon Thread


I know I frequently return to this subject, but I really don't get it. I don't have kids. I'd think I should be the kind of person the hates The Kids Today. People generally have kids. And most of them seem to hate The Kids Today. Like really hate them. We go through this in every generation, but it's usually just a trendy "slackers" kind of thing which fades after a couple of months. I see so much hate directed at 20somethings. The 20somethings I'm exposed to (not a representative sample, of course) are about 50X smarter than anyone I ever knew at that age (including the man in the mirror). I don't get it.

Both Sides

It'll be interesting to see if the Republican demand that Obama not be allowed to appoint anyone to the Supreme Court because he only has >11 months left of the second term he was elected to will just be treated as the new normal.

The "media" might be liberal in some ways (though even in those ways not nearly as much as their reputation), but ever since I've been paying attention, when the Republicans kick the soccer ball, they chase it.

No Nay Nino

What Scott said.

Late Night

Rock on.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The GOP Primary

This would make much more sense.

Both Sides

The press corps that spent 25 years or so blaming all of the ills of Washington, the fact that it all got so mean and tipnronnie didn't go for drinks anymore, on the "Borking" of Bork (who was quite the lunatic), will treat as perfectly normal the claim that a president with almost 11 months left in his term has no right to nominate anyone to the Supreme Court.

The title of this post is wrong, for reasons I leave as an exercise to the readers.

Saturday Evening

Guess I missed an eventful day.

Open Thread

Have at it.

Happy Hour

Reports are that Scalia has died.

h/t SiL

Afternoon Thread

Too damn cold to go out.

Saturday Thread

Family related program activities, so busy today. It's Saturday!

Still Sitting

Bertha's still taking a nap.
On Monday, Gov. Inslee will discuss Bertha's safety, a recent sinkhole, and other issues. But for the time being, the governor is holding firm that Bertha isn't going anywhere.

"I don't think it's good management to allow a tunneling project to go under the fragile viaduct without assuring the safety of its condition," Inslee said. "I don't think that's bad management. I think that's darn good management that we are pursuing on a most difficult problem — where the contractor has not performed."

Morning Thread

I'll leave youse to figure out what day it is.

Little Liza Jane was my introduction to Nina Simone.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Night

It's alright.

Lizard People

Since it's Friday, I will admit to believing in one conspiracy theory. There are lizard people. They live among us.

Butterfly Wings

Sometimes we manage to make things happen.

Clinton's subtle shift in tone on Social Security is a major victory for liberal bloggers and organizations that have advocated for expanding the program, such as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Social Security Works. It is just one sign that the Democratic Party has become more amenable to government intervention in the economy.

Henry K

Really not a conflict I would've expected in a Democratic primary.