Thursday, October 02, 2014

And It All Falls Down

The amazing thing about Christie cancelling the tunnel project is that it was much more of a gift to NJ than NYC. Sure NYC needs those tunnels, too, but it's commuters from NJ who are really going to be screwed.

I know transit nerds who didn't like the ARC project for various valid reasons, but right now the alternative is... nothing.


Oh crap.
Amtrak officials said on Wednesday that they will have to sharply curtail use of the century-old rail tunnels leading to New York City for at least a year to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, a move that would affect train service for tens of thousands of commuters.

One of the four tubes that carry trains under the East River between Manhattan and Long Island would be the first to close, possibly in late 2015. The work on that tube would take a full year and would affect service on the two railroads that also use the tunnel, the Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit, which uses a rail yard in Queens to park its trains.

They're going to have to fix the Hudson tunnels, too, and then things will really be fucked. Thanks Christie.

Good Enough For The Ladies

This is some bullshit.

“Two months ago, attorneys for a coalition of leading players informed officials from the Canadian Soccer Association [CSA] and FIFA that forcing the 2015 women’s World Cup to take place on artificial turf rather than grass was not only wrong but also constituted illegal sex discrimination,” Hampton Dellinger, attorney for the players’ coalition, said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Men’s World Cup tournament matches are played on natural grass while CSA and FIFA are relegating female players to artificial turf. The difference matters: plastic pitches alter how the game is played, pose unique safety risks and are considered inferior for international competition.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Hoping for an illness free tomorrow.

Wednesday Night

Rock on.

Evening Thread

3 advil and repeated applications of a hot compress to the back of the neck and the headache has subsided for now.

I'm not that sensitive to pain and discomfort, which is why I didn't have any damn drugs in the house, but cross a certain threshold...


Why would your brain even go there? I just don't understand how people think.

Wankers of the Day



Someone go to the CVS and get me some drugs please.

Lunch Thread

Flu has been replaced with terrible headache. Might need to not stare at the screen for a bit.

Send Many Buckets

I suppose we aren't going to do anything about Syrian refugees, but perhaps we can help some Walrus-Americans.

I Wonder What Happened

I'm genuinely curious about what actually made Obama embrace forever war.

Gun Nuttery

Open carry ammosexuals are quite certain that it's obvious that they are the good guys with guns, and that it's also obvious who the bad guys with guns are. They either haven't figured out what that means in practice, or don't care.


Here's some good news from Spocko. When Corporate Sponsors Leave ALEC and Rush, What We Learn.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Night

Rock on.

Evening Thread


You Fucked Up, You Trusted Us!

I am shocked.
Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for 100,000 Scots to sign a petition urging Westminster to keep promises on devolution.


The outgoing SNP leader and first minister said Mr Brown was "calling for guarantees on the delivery of something which he himself said during the referendum campaign was already a done deal".

Free Labor Concussion Game

I don't know if there's anything that can be done to reduce the number of life altering injuries in football, but at least even the lowest paid players in the NFL are compensated pretty well. College football is really just a criminal enterprise, with people getting rich off of gladiator games by unpaid participants who are often completely abused.