Friday, May 22, 2015


Yes, yes, cyclists and pedestrians can behave badly sometimes, but they're unlikely to kill anyone but themselves when they do. More police need to take car "accidents" which are often not accidents more seriously. If you drive unsafely, you run the risk of killing someone. Don't do it.

America's Worst Humans

Mike Huckabee

I Like To Speed

I think people have legitimate objections to red light cameras. Not that I support people randomly blowing reds, but sometimes, especially if yellows are too short, it's safer to blow a red at the last second than to slam on the brakes. But speed cameras that are calibrated to only flag drivers going 10+ mph over the speed limit really aren't objectionable. Yet people object!
And one man harangued the mayor in an animated discussion after his press conference, saying the city had installed speed cameras across Staten Island not to improve safety but to raise money for the city's coffers.

"You want the revenue!" Chris Altieri angrily said after de Blasio walked over to talk to him.

The mayor, seemingly growing irritated yet keeping his composure, asked, "Can you really look me in the eye and say we don't want to save people's lives? Do you really believe that?"

The Trucks, They Will Self-Drive

While I'm a giant skeptic about self-driving cars transforming our future any time soon, I do think the self-driving truck issue could be a real one. They won't have to be able to go everywhere, but instead run fixed routes. Beginning and end point infrastructure can be installed privately and probably relatively cheaply. I don't think every truck will become a robot truck (more than meets the eye!) but I'd bet the some will in the not too distant future.

First We Kill All The Birds

Little bastards wake me up every morning.

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I wonder if Child Protective Services has opened a case on the Duggers and, if not, why not?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Rock on.

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Who Am I To Disagree With Maxim?

They're right about everything.

Totally Tubular

New Tube map! Not happy about the central line not being nice and straight anymore (even if it's more geographically accurate), but good to see TFL pulling more of the "Overground" rail network into the system (warning .pdf).


And the limit is effectively $20 because few ATMs give out fives (or even tens) anymore.
For these reasons, cash is one of the most valuable resources a poor person in the United States can possess. Yet legislators in Kansas, not trusting the poor to use their money wisely, have voted to limit how much cash that welfare beneficiaries can receive, effectively reducing their overall benefits, as well.

The legislature placed a daily cap of $25 on cash withdrawals beginning July 1, which will force beneficiaries to make more frequent trips to the ATM to withdraw money from the debit cards used to pay public assistance benefits.

Since there's a fee for every withdrawal, the limit means that some families will get substantially less money.

Still Growing

The Census department tells me Philly increased its population by FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE people from 2013-2014. Obviously that's not a huge number, but the continued, if slow, population growth after several decades of population decline really changes things. I don't think policymakers have yet adapted to the new reality, but they are, I think, getting closer to it..

America's Worst Humans

Matthew Makela.

Music World Mysteries

Why do orchestras go on tour so much? My local orchestra, which went into bankruptcy, is currently touring Europe. And, hey, good for them, sounds fun. Maybe the nice people in Europe pay them well. But I'm pretty sure Europe has their own orchestras, so why do they pay well to bring in some Americans? It costs a lot of money to move 90 people and their instruments around the world. I'm not suggesting that all orchestras are interchangeable commodities, that there's no difference, but the idea of touring orchestras in an era of uncertain arts funding is just weird.

Of Course He Can

Unless people truly believe there's no way to beat Hillary Clinton, then it's ridiculous to think that Bernie Sanders can't win. Of course he can. Can doesn't mean will, but he's a very experienced and charismatic (in that weird way only politicians can get away with) candidate.

Mercury Fur

What the hell.
Police across the country are investigating more than 1,400 men – including 261 high-profile individuals – over allegations of child abuse in the past, a senior officer running the national operation has revealed.

The scale of alleged child abuse across society – both recent and non-recent – was stark, said Ch Const Simon Bailey, who runs Operation Hydrant, the national coordinating team overseeing the various inquiries.

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