Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Night

Pretended it was warm and actually grilled something.

It is not warm.

Sunday Evening


Mercury Fur

I really wonder what happens with all of this.

Enoch Powell, the Conservative anti-immigrant firebrand, is being investigated as an alleged member of a claimed Westminster paedophile network after his name was supplied to police by a senior Anglican bishop.

Just allegations and this particular case doesn't sound very well-founded, but there's does seem to be something here...

The Bill Comes Due

Even relatively new places are starting to experience the sticker shock of repair costs for infrastructure.

Gotta pay somehow.

America's Worst Humans

Mike Pence.

And Pay Off My Student Loan And Save For A Downpayment

Such helpful advice.
People who start early can get away with saving a tiny portion of their pay and still have a decent chance at having enough money in retirement (in other words, their money won’t run out before they die). But those who put it off need to save dramatically more to catch up.

Nap Time

Seems like several young children need a time out.

Morning Thread

Here's a link to Echidne's post on IS and Women: Part 3: The Western Female IS Militants. I highly recommend you bookmark it and read it when you have some time to think it over. As usual, important stuff that needs to be examined.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Night

Rock on.

Deep State

This is from the interview of GG, Poitras, and Snowden conducted by David Carr.

Afternoon Thread

Still cold.

We Did That

I do think that absent liberal bloggers, and the general netroots associated movement at the time, they would have destroyed Social Security.

So, one victory at least.

Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit

I hate everybody.

Nashville prosecutors have made sterilization of women part of plea negotiations at least four times in the past five years, and the district attorney has banned his staff from using the invasive surgery as a bargaining chip after the latest case.

Morning Thread

The Atlantic has a short bio up of Harry Reid. Some interesting tidbits.



Friday, March 27, 2015

Everybody's Working For

The weekend.

Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit

One of the America Is Awesome stories I remember from high school is the "we don't have debtors' prisons!" story.

But we do.

The Retirement Crisis

At least the Dems have been moving in the right direction...