Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Middle-Of-The-Night Thread


Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Hour Thread


I Think I'd Do Ok

I'm sympathetic to the idea that being filthy rich can be socially isolating, but, you know, I think I'd figure it out.

Maybe if he gives me most of his moneys we can try it out? Maybe a reality show Trading Places kind of thing? What say you, Mortimer?

Mooooar Parking

The solution to all of Camden's ills is always more parking. Spend a bunch of money to "revitalize" the waterfront by building giant parking lots. Give a bunch of tax money to "lure" a company from a neighboring suburban municipality? Surround it with parking!

Anything which encourages drive-in/park/drive-out behavior does nothing for surrounding businesses or street life. Camden has its problems, but the solution isn't trying to turn into Cherry Hill.

America's Worst Humans

Colion Noir.

Chipping American Tourists

One of my favorite things is when countries enact what are essentially retaliatory measures against American Visa requirements for their visitors to the US. $200 and a visit to a consulate that only exists in one city and is only open 2 hours per week? Fine, we'll do that too. Obviously it isn't my favorite thing if I have to deal with it, but I appreciate the response. Also, too, I have a UK passport so I can usually evade such things.

When we start chipping all visitors, countries will start doing the same to us. That will be hilarious.

By Popular Demand

Morning thread.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Night Thread

have fun with it

The Third Wall Is The Wall On The US-Iran Border

My friends at LGM are obviously unaware that Iran has a border with everyone.

Sunday Crass Commercialism

In the continuing series of "Atrios actually reads a few books" I did enjoy the Harold Fry book and the Queenie Hennessy "sequel." Not high literature, but strangely affecting. Probably just getting old.

The Life of the Poors

My very good friend (okay, I met her at a pub once), Dawn Foster, writes about how poverty sucks.

High On Own Supply

The Blairite faction of New Labour seems to have missed the part that they've been out of power and everyone hates them now because aside from "we won elections!!!" they don't actually boast about their success.
Caroline Flint, a candidate in the Labour deputy leadership contest, has put herself on a collision course with Jeremy Corbyn by claiming that she would use the strength of being directly elected to force the next leader to learn the lessons of the electorally successful Blair years.

Elect us because we can win elections! 3) profit!!!

America's Worst Humans

William Cohan

Good Morning

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Unless It Happens To Me

Freedum is for me, not other people.

Because Reasons

I don't think minor rate hikes will destroy the economy, but it says a lot about our rulers that contrary to their own stated criteria they might just have to raise rates because serious. 2% is supposed to be the inflation target. We never go above it. Ok, so it's actually a ceiling. And we never hit it. So raise rates anyway so people on CNBC will say nice things about us? Until the stock market crashes at which point they'll say mean things. It's all so confusing.

Happy/Dinner Hour

The Amish make very good chicken pot pies.

We'll supply the white wine.


More Security Theater For Everyone!

Let's just implement massive pointless security in every location that resembles a site where there has been a mass shooting or attempt.
Calls for tighter security on the railways are to be discussed by European ministers and officials, following the foiled attack on a high-speed Amsterdam-Paris train last week.

Yes there might be a couple of particularly high profile potential targets - like the Chunnel - where increased security might at least seem to make a bit of sense. But if someone wants to wreak havoc on a train they don't need to pick an intercity train to do it. There are these things called subways all over the place, and they can function with that type of security.