Friday, August 29, 2014

Good Morning

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Late Night

Rock on.

Zephyr Teachout Super Wuster

Really, New Yorkers, consider getting rid of Cuomo. He's like the the worst of 1993 era democrats, with extra evil added. Vote Teachout/Wu for the comedy if nothing else!

Also, too, we're looking at you Rahm...

Thursday Evening

Tomorrow is...

Free Money

Our soon to be ex-governor seems to sorta be doing the right thing, though it might be better to just wait for the next governor and cut out the bullshit.

Wanker of the Day

Nick Confessore.


So, uh, don't go to American University.

Digby and Rick Perlstein

Digby and Rick Perlstein are joining us tonight at 10pm Eastern to talk about The Invisible Bridge. It's his best book yet. (Crass commercialism link.)

Lunch Thread



Workers and customers. More like this.


I was actually in a car this weekend (shudder) and had to pay to park and it was ONE WHOLE DOLLAR PER HOUR. I thought it was pretty absurd that they had the full credit card machine kiosk system to take payment. Hard to believe it's even worth it given capital costs and credit card fees.

Obviously a big problem is this stupid country can't manage to use and circulate dollar coins.

What A Lovely Little War

I grew up in an era, flawed as it was, when wars were history. The kids today, not so much.

Morning Thread

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Super Wuster

I met Tim once, though I doubt he remembers. Nice guy. Smart. If you're in NY, vote for him.

Late Night

Rock on.

Where Did All The Good Blahs Go

Gimme some motherfucking iced tea.

The Worst Person In The World

Stephen Trachtenberg.

Wednesday Evening

Shut the hell up