Monday, April 29, 2002

It seems that Vaara and I get similar criticism - too juvenile, too sophomoric, etc. While I take these criticisms somewhat seriously, as I am still trying to find the appropriate voice for this, why is it people seem to think us lefties have to emulate the boring wonkishness of The American Prospect? As Vaara also points out, every other citizen of blogistan is doing their best to emulate P.J. O'Rourke, the Michael Moore of the Right, so what's wrong with us CommucRATS having a bit of fun?

I've gotten this criticism from people who appear to be (you can never tell) both Lefties and Righties and, all I have to say is - lighten up and look around. What I write here can't possibly be any sillier than Ann Coulter's stuff, and she gets paid for it.

Of course, she gets paid by lying bigotboy David Horowitz who has been busted yet again by the fine folks at MWO.