Monday, April 29, 2002

Living as I do in a Blue State, I'm getting really tired of having to subsidize the Red States. Though Andy Sullivan waxes rhapsodic over all those parts of the country that he has never actually been to, the conservative libertarian in him should be shocked at the fact that they seem to survive only due to the generous contributions of tax dollars by Blue Staters like me. As those liberals (cough) over at the Tax Foundation make clear, so many of those havens of rugged individualism sure do seem to enjoy sucking on the federal government's tit.

A quick glance at the numbers (very quick, so give or take a state) shows us that out of the 30 Red States that Crazy Andy idealizes, 21 of them received more than $1.05 in federal tax dollars for every $1.00 they sent to D.C. in '00.

In those crazy big government liberal states, only 7 out of 20 did.