Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Hey, the Moonies held a birthday bash for their newspaper

What do you call a gathering of 3,000 people, a self-aggrandizing lecture by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and an hour-long sermon from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon?

The Washington Times 20th-anniversary bash.

An eclectic crowd convened at the Hilton Washington last night to celebrate the other paper in the nation's capital. The party was to honor the success of the scrappy conservative daily; instead, it was dominated by Moon's address, titled "The Life of Jesus as Seen From God's Will, and God's Warning to the Present Age, the Period of the Last Days." Even the most charitable souls might have come away thinking that the newspaper -- founded by the Unification Church leader -- is a conduit for Moon's religious message, something its editors have repeatedly denied.

He also admits blowing a cool billion on the rag. I expect Mickey Kaus to write about Moon's financial folly any day now..