Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Otto Reich, though a professional liar, is a bad one. Gotta keep your stories straight Otto, you fascist prick.

WASHINGTON - In a surprising announcement in early May, the Bush administration charged that Cuba maintains a ''limited offensive'' biological warfare capability. By Tuesday, the administration seemed to have forgotten about the matter.

A sweeping, 177-page State Department report on trends in global terrorism summed up Cuba in 47 lines, omitting any reference to its reported biological warfare research.

Officials seemed flustered when asked about the omission... ...

On Capitol Hill, Otto Reich, the department's top diplomat to Latin America, appeared initially confused when asked why the report made no mention of Cuba's bio-weapons research.

''Is it an oversight?'' asked Sen. Byron Dorgan, a North Dakota Democrat.

''I do not know who publishes that particular document,'' Reich said moments later when asked about the report, which Dorgan held in his hand.

''It's your department that publishes it,'' Dorgan said. ``This is a State Department publication, and we just received it on Capitol Hill.''

Reich countered: ``It must be incomplete.''