Friday, January 17, 2003

Christian Identity Follower Arrested

OLYMPIA - A man arrested on a firearms charge might have been plotting to assassinate Governor Locke.

James D. Brailey, Jr., 43, was arrested Wednesday when federal agents and state troopers raided his home near Olympia.

Federal court documents in Tacoma say an informant told authorities in March of 2001 that Brailey planned to kill the governor.

The documents also give the following account of the informant to federal agents:

They say Brailey, Jr. was a member of the Jural Society -- a group that does not believe in state or federal government. Instead, they believe in a "people's government" based upon Christian principles and common law. Brailey was elected "Governor of the State of Washington" at a Jural Society election in October of 1998.

The informant said Brailey hated Locke because of Locke's ethnicity and that Brailey believed he himself was the only true governor of the state.

UPDATE: David Neiwert tells us more. (and make sure to buy his book, damnit!)

(headline changed)