Friday, January 17, 2003

Wow. Uggabugga diagrams Bush's military service.

vj says:

I'll leave my email with Atrios should anyone want to get in contact with me. I was part of this effort to make Bush's Guard record known to the public. We started 6 months out from the election. The effort included several posts on by Marty Heldt on or about Sept. 9, 2000. We had Walter Robinson's piece clear in the Boston Globe, then the story was just not covered. The Dems had some Senators who tried again to alert the public to the info., but the press had their candidate and they were having none of it. has the essential documents that Marty did an FOIA on, several were 'redacted' or 'scrubbed'. Lt. Robert Rogers was part of this effort, and that was the post Uggabugga was linking to. will also get you to the essential documents.This was a real and relevant story that was sent to EVERY major news operation in the US. It is widely known far beyond our shores. There's now scarcely a Democrat who does not know the score. Still the media ignores it, because friends, there never was a 'liberal' media, and the plutocrats who own the press LIKE Dubya, and know him for the useful man that he is. I personally mailed this story out to almost every major paper and news outlet in 9-10 SE states, and we rarely ever heard back from anyone on it. Face it people. These RW
nuts control our media more effectively than any Soviet commissar ever did.