Saturday, February 15, 2003

Only Nixon can Go To China

And only old white rich Republicans can lend legitimacy to the anti-war protests. But, that's the way it is:

The diversity of America's new anti-war movement is etched in the furrows of an 84-year-old brow, anchored by eyes that saw both the can-do patriotism of World War II and the disillusions of Vietnam.

It belongs to John Haas, the Main-Line-bred patriarch of one of America's richest families - a clan worth more than $4 billion.

When Haas isn't lurking in the Center City offices of Rohm and Haas, the chemical conglomerate founded by his father before World War I, he's working with other local activists who are seeking to prevent a U.S. war with Iraq.

And I'm off to take part on the festivities.