Saturday, February 15, 2003

Philadelphia Protest

Went and joined the march for a bit and then hopped off when it veered near my home. Anyway, I'd say a conservative estimate would be 4000 people, and growing. Was surprised there were that many people. Despite all the attempts at mischarcterization, the crowd was pretty representative cross-section of the public. Some union groups, some church groups - catholics, quakers, unitarians, some college students, some little old ladies, a small number of trustifarian types, and a lot of middle aged couples. Black, White, people of Asian descent, Latinos, the whole shebang. The signs were almost entirely on message - I saw almost no one trying to use the march for the usual assortment of lefty causes. Police seemed cooperative and everything was quite peaceful. No need for Jane Galt to get her goon squad to bash a few heads in.