Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Tucker Gets Smacked With Some Facts

Fascinating exchange between Ken Pollock and Tucker Carlson:

POLLOCK: Well, Tucker, remember, we're not blameless in this either.

CARLSON: Have we done that?

POLLOCK: Well, we sold Saddam the anthrax and we kind of looked the other way.

CARLSON: Is there any evidence that anthrax was ever turned into a biological weapon, any at all? Any evidence of that?

POLLOCK: Did they weaponize it? Yes, absolutely. They put it into missiles.

CARLSON: The anthrax they received from the United States?

POLLOCK: The anthrax string that they have came from the United States. You know, through the 1980s, Tucker, I think you can make an argument it was important for the United States to give...

CARLSON: Well, wait, are you saying that the United States government knew that that anthrax was going to be used for biological weapons?

POLLOCK: I think that we were turning a blind eye to what Saddam was doing.

BEGALA: Which is essentially what Ken Adelman, who served President Reagan in arms control, said Friday night when he came on this show.

CARLSON: Wait a second. To say we -- I want to know who. I mean, what American government official allowed anthrax to go to Saddam Hussein? I mean, that seems to me you ought to be in prison for that?

How can people so stupid be responsible for managing our public discourse.