Tuesday, February 11, 2003

What Liberal Media

Howard Kurtz, once again, repeats the lie:

Democratic presidential candidates don't usually have any problem beating up on each other. Al Gore and Bill Bradley went at it (Gore called Bradley a quitter), as did Bill Clinton and Bob Kerrey (who predicted the Republicans would crack Clinton open like a soft peanut), as did Gore and Michael Dukakis in '88 (with Gore the first opponent to raise the Willie Horton issue).

Email Kurtz at kurtzh@washpost.com and remind him that while Al Gore did bring up a very legitimate complaint about the prison furlough program in Mass., he didn't raise the Willie Horton. He didn't mention him by name. He didn't use him as an example. He didn't produce an ad with his image designed to stoke racial fears.

Tell Howie to stop lying. Tell Howie that not everything he reads in the RNC faxes he receives is true. Tell Howie to read Eric Alterman's book - if he had, he'd know this.

(thanks Jeff Hauser)