Sunday, May 11, 2003

The Clenis(TM) Never Rests

Nor does the media's obsession with it.

O, Canada!

Is there a Bubba/Belinda brouhaha in Toronto?

Canadian society is all atwitter with rumors former President Bill Clinton may be involved in more than a friendship with wealthy socialite Belinda Stronach, 37. The press is going ape over word Stronach is divorcing Johann Olav Koss, her Olympian speed-skating Norwegian hubby of three years.

u The chat: Stronach, whose father runs Magna International, has played golf with Bubba, dined with Bubba and reportedly looks like a young Hillary.

u The tittle tattle began last September when the two "B's" both attended a fete at Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel and got people wondering if they were an item.

u The flip side: The Stronaches have reportedly been in talks with Clinton about his library and foundation . . . but more than that, who knows?