Sunday, May 11, 2003

More Problems at the New York Times

Apparently their former editor also needs someone to fact check his ass.

The story said that the Clintons had a half-interest in a real estate development company in the Ozarks and that the other half was owned by an old friend who was at the helm of the biggest savings and loan association in the state when it became insolvent.

Madison Guaranty wasn't the biggest S&L in Arkansas, unless you live on Planet Gerth. It wasn't even the biggest one that failed. As mbroglio informs me:

Here's a list of the top S&L's in Arkansas that failed, the amount of the bailout and the time spent by RTC investigators on each S&L:

First Federal Savings of Arkansas - $833 MILLION - 13 hours
Savers Saving - $645 MILLION - 140 hours
Independence Federal - $314 MILLION - 19 hours
Landmark Savings - $91 MILLION - 3 hours
Madison Guaranty - $73 MILLION - 5,661 hours
First American Savings - $65 MILLION - 171 hours
Home Federal - $59 MILLION - None
First State Savings - $57 MILLION - None