Thursday, June 05, 2003

We're the New York Times and you're not!

Gene Lyons gives The Times some housecleaning tips:
In the end, my reporting held up. Badly-written Times dispatches filled with semi-facts and half-truths did not. Reporting a $200,000 real estate deal ain't brain surgery. Correct the errors, fill in the blanks, and Whitewater's "scandalous" aspects disappeared. But Times editors chose to help GOP partisans hogtie a president rather than write a correction. Had Lelyveld paid attention, he might have been spared the Wen Ho Lee fiasco, among others. Alas for years, the newspaper's unvarying response to outside criticism has been : "We're the New York Times and you're not."

Proving once and for all that Atrios is not Gene Lyons, since as we know Atrios is vacationing at an unknown location, while Gene Lyons is writing topical newspaper columns.