Friday, June 06, 2003

The Crappy Editor is Dead! Long Live the Crappy Editor!

So, I pick up my copy of the obscenely priced Guardian international edition this morning to discover that MK Ultrahack and Crazy Andy will suddenly have very little to write about - the evil Raines has been destroyed.

I considered this good news, as Raines´s tenure as king of the editorial page won him no friends from the Democratic side of the aisle. We all remember when Howell self-righteously called on Hillary Clinton to prove her innocence. He, as with the rest of the NYT staff (other than Safire´s inventions) never could quite tell us exactly which Hillary needed to prove her innocence of - but the failure to ever articulate that never stopped their Snipe hunt againt the Clintons. One could count Raines´s criticisms of the Starr Chamber on one hand.

However, upon reading further I discovered Joe ¨don´t know nothing about nothing¨ Lelyveld will return. Now the paper will return to its glory days in the 90s, when under his control the journalistic missteps by the paper destroyed peoples´ lives and tied up a presidency in false scandal after false scandal. You know, stuff that matters. Jeff Gerth is still employed and the Spite Girls will be back retyping RNC oppo research as ¨political analysis¨ just in time for the presidential election.

Oh joy.

Along those lines, Gene Lyons´ column recommended below is indeed a must read.