Friday, July 18, 2003

The body of UK WMD whistleblower found in woods: Update


British police said a body found Friday had been tentatively identified as that of a missing Defense Ministry adviser suspected of being the source for a news report that the government doctored information on Iraq’s weapons programs to bolster the case for war.

The family of the man, David Kelly, 59, a microbiologist who had worked as a U.N. weapons inspector, reported him missing after he went out for a walk Thursday with no coat despite a heavy rainstorm.

If you ever get a mysterious phone call from someone who has to meet you immediately—don't agree to meet them in the woods, OK?

“[Kelly’s wife, Janice] didn’t use the word ‘depressed,’ but she said he was very, very stressed and unhappy about what had happened and this was really not the kind of world he wanted to live in,” [Television journalist Tom] Mangold said.

True for a lot of us, what? Even those of us who aren't wearing tinfoil hats.

UPDATE: Alert reader Eliza Black comments: "I can't comment on Mr. Kelly's situation before knowing more, but I feel a lot of sympathy for him, and a lot of sympathy for his family."