Friday, July 18, 2003

Bush blames the victims: our soldiers

Robert Collier of the San Francisco Chronicle writes:

"It was the end of the world," said one officer Thursday. "It went all the way up to President Bush and back down again on top of us. At least six of us here will lose our careers."

What is it with these guys? They think they're in some kind of citizen army?

[B]itter sentiments -- with no names attached -- were voiced in an anonymous e-mail circulating around the Internet, allegedly from "the soldiers of the Second Brigade, Third ID."

"Our morale is not high or even low," the letter said. "Our morale is nonexistent. We have been told twice that we were going home, and twice we have received a 'stop' movement to stay in Iraq."
(thanks to alert reader cynic http)
Of course, if the neo-cons hadn't promised us all a cake-walk... And if we hadn't gotten guerilla warfare instead ... And if bungled Bush diplomacy hadn't made international troops a fantasy... And if the Bush lies that got us into the war weren't so insultingly transparent to anyone with half a brain, a little cynicism, and CNN (i.e., the entire country), and if Bush hadn't pulled that shark-jumping Mission Accomplished stunt... Maybe morale would be a little bit better?

Blame the victims, Dear misLeader!