Thursday, July 24, 2003


Warnings and good advice:

On Iraq, Carville said Democrats "should not exaggerate the facts," but merely state and restate them. "They lied to get us in. They don't know how to get us out," he said. "How did they not know the country wasn't divided? How do you commit 150,000 troops with no plan to get out? All we have to do is remind people of that."

But he said there was "this other thing going on," which he called the "patriot-correct police," referring to assertions by Republicans that criticizing the war was un-American.

"If you can't say the simple fact that they lied to get us in and have no idea how to get us out, then there's something wrong with America."

There must be an independent investigation not just of the White House's justifications for war, Carville said, but also the administration's plans for the occupation.

"In '44, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a 700-page plan for the occupation of Japan. That's what happens when you think ahead. What was the plan this time? Who read the important documents? Let's have an investigation," he said. "If we can spend $70 million to investigate the act of consensual sex, we can spend a few million to find out why we are involved in a war in Iraq."

Speaking of inquiries, Carville said people should not forget the Bush administration was stonewalling the federal commission investigating the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

"If the case is we didn't have this thing [Iraq] thought out, that is a searing, stinging indictment of this administration -- we should not forget that," he said. "If they didn't cooperate fully with this investigation of 9/11, that is not an indictment. That is a sin."