Thursday, July 24, 2003

Crossover Speech

The reality is that there is no inconsistency in voting for the congressional resolution giving Bush authority to go to war with Iraq and subsequently being against that war. That not very subtle distinction is of course lost on hacks like the Mickster, Timmy, and the rest of the kool kids, and therefore poses a bit of a media problem for Gephardt and Kerry (this is not an issue for Lieberman, who just continues to look foolish on this issue and I'm quite sure what Edwards has been doing with this lately).

I was disgusted with Gephardt and Kerry and anyone who signed on to that resolution, particularly if they had reservations about going to war, because I knew the instant it passed that war was inevitable. They'd been planning it for years. But, that doesn't mean that those votes disallow them from expressing less than enthusiastic support for war before it began or less than glowing reviews for how events are unfolding. There is no contradiction there.

William Greider is looking for suggestions about how to navigate this third way. Help write the Crossover Speech.