Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Doing Something: A Suggestion

The President's remarks, this morning, sucked, big time.

Maybe enough to become a major mis-step.

I'll settle for a minor turning point.

But remember Eric Alterman's conceptual breakthrough - "working the refs" - what the right does?

The storyline already in place re: Bush, Iraq made him invincible. Nothing the media tarts hate more than revising the CW.

They're going to need help.

Think back to how the right made a memorial service for a much-loved Senator an occasion to bash everything he stood for, while claiming that's what the memorial service was doing.

Even a pandering media notices polls. Well, they'll notice if they detect a shocked reaction to Bush's "bring them on" remark.

One possibility.

During the ten O'clock AM (on the west coast) hour, MSNBC Anchor Lady, Natalie Morales used the "bring them on" phrase in her introduction to a tape of Bush's remarks. The video contained not a hint of the phrase.

Why not send an email to MSNBC, or make a call, expressing your outrage that Ms Morales would characterize the President's remarks that way; you find it impossible to believe the President could have said anything like that....


Keep an eye on the broadcast evening news shows, and the primetime CNN and MSNBC programs; forget Fox. Whichever way they play it, let them know there are folks out there who think the President's words matter;aside from the families of our military personnel, imagine the Iraqis' reaction to hearing that.

Don't pretend you're a Republican, don't say you're a Democrat. Say or write what's true, that such a remark is unthinkable coming from an American President.

You could also point out that the President is ignoring the actual questions being asked about our reconstruction efforts, and because he doesn't do press conferences he remains unavailable to those he serves, the American public.

Probably, a lot of you have better suggestions. Let me know.

It only took a hundred telephone calls to a single TV station to turn what happened at the Wellstone memorial inside out. And an election got lost because of it.

We need to get organized.

Luckily, we have time to do it.

But just barely.