Wednesday, July 02, 2003

A little detail on Darrell Issa

Issa is the multi-millionaire who's leading the "do-over" recall effort to unseat elected governor Gray Davis in California. Lance Williams and Robert Salladay of the Chronicle write:

Rep. Darrell Issa, within months of leaving Army service in the early 1970s, was arrested twice on illegal-weapons charges, including an incident in Michigan that led to a misdemeanor gun conviction, The Chronicle has learned.

Issa, speaking with reporters late Monday, implied that the issue of his gun conviction should be off limits in the campaign because it was personal and old.

Right. This is "old" too:

Anti-recall forces [showed a] videotape of the Great Western Gun Show from May 1998, where the Issa campaign set up a booth. The video showed people selling Nazi flags and German army helmets inside the show, along with hundreds of guns, and a lone Issa worker sitting outside the entrance of the show in a booth with a large Issa sign.

Or maybe that was Darrell's brother Darrell, or his other brother, Darrell?


If it weren't for, well, eruptions like this one, the wingers would find it easier to shake that nasty "f" word, wouldn't they?

(To pre-empt the Godwin's law postings, Orcinus has a serious and scholarly discussion of meme transmittal from the wingers to the mainstream. See top left, at "Rush.")